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The attorneys at Rose Kallor have provided training to hundreds of private and public sector employers and their employees across a wide array of subject matter, from anti-discrimination and harassment prevention, to wage and hour laws, to compliance with state and federal Civil Rights statutes. Training seminars can be arranged and constructed to meet your needs on whatever topics are deemed necessary.

Past training sessions have included:

  • “Avoiding Retaliation Claims- Utilizing the Ombudsman to Protect the Employer”
  • “Wage and Hour Seminar – The Wage and Hour Conundrum – Implementing Policies and Best Practices”
  • “Best Practices & Hiring Pitfalls”
  • “The Americans With Disabilities Act: Titles I & II”
  • “Hiring Pitfalls: A Risk Management Perspective”
  • “Avoiding Retaliation Claims”
  • “The ABC's of Anti-Discrimination Law” Webinar
  • “Preventing Sexual Harassment”
  • Employee Conduct and Misconduct at Work. Off-Site and the Legal Considerations of Imposing Discipline on Employees For Off-Site Conduct in the Internet Age
  • Best Practices for Conducting a Reduction in Workforce
  • Best Practices for Conducting Workplace Investigations
  • An Overview of Employment Law
  • Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Leaves of Absence
  • Off Duty Conduct
  • Disciplining and Documenting Employee Misconduct

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