Civil Rights Litigation

From the Declaration of Independence, to the Bill of Rights; from the Emancipation Proclamation to the signing of Title VII; from the Rehabilitation Act to the Americans with Disabilities Act, America has been a nation that has long sought to ensure civil rights for its citizens.  Those rights oftentimes can frame the responsibilities of the government official, and can impose serious personal liability for errors and oversight.  While the law speaks of “qualified immunity,” our experience teaches us that for many civil rights lawyers and judges, the rule of qualified immunity has been transferred to one of unlimited liability.  Protecting the public servants who protect us is a fundamental philosophy of Rose Kallor.

Rose Kallor, LLP is highly experienced in proactively advising employers and governments of their legal obligations to ensure that citizen and employee rights remain protected, and liability is minimized.  The firm is also adept at investigating, defending, and remediating civil rights claims.  Our attorneys have litigated cases involving school discipline and educational curriculum, zoning regulations, regulatory accommodations and modifications, parade permits, arrests, and scores of other civil rights matters.